Approved patent with previous exam: "Nanocajas catalíticas, usos y procedimiento de síntesis", ES 2 450 865 B2. International extension has been also applied PCT/ES2014/070821.

Authors: M. Maneiro, G. González-Riopedre, M. I. Fernández-García, A. M. González-Noya, M. R. Bermejo.

Description: Obtention of supramolecular boxes with tailored sizes. These compounds show high selectivity in different redox catalytic processes since their activity is limited by the size of the substrates that are able to enter into the cavity.


MetalBIO network is involved in the organization of the USC Summer School, promoting the course “Challenges and opportunities in the chemical process industry”to be held in Lugo from 20 to 23 of July 2015.


The scientific symposium “Metal ions in biological systems”, organized by MetalBIO network, has been financially supported by the Lugo Council.


Suprabioin Research Group (from MetalBIO network) signs three technology transfer contracts involving three institutions (Xunta de Galicia, Universidade de Vigo and Universidade da Coruña) for producing scientific videos.