MetalBIO is a Galician Network for Research on Metal Ions in Biological systems. Our major research interest is on the role of metallocompounds in different processes. MetalBIO is an interdisciplinary network that includes chemists, biologists and biochemists. Research in the MetalBIO network aims to understand the role of metal ions in solution.


Research groups:

SUPRABIOIN. Bioinorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry Research Group. Research in Supramolecular chemistry, functional helicates, new routes of synthesis of complexes, and study of the catalytic activity of the metallocompounds and determination of their reaction mechanisms.


GIQIMO. Molecular and Structural Chemistry Research Group. Identification of the supramolecular interactions in solid state, crystal engineering, agrochemical and pharmaceutical co-crystals, study of physico-chemical properties for co-crystals with pharmacologic activity.


QUÍMICA SUPRAMOLECULAR. Research in supramolecular coordination compounds, identification of expansion patterns in solid state, study of the electronic communication between the metal centers, their magnetic properties, molecular recognition, and design of renium compounds as surrogates of pharmaceuticals for radioimage.


AICMO. Bioinorganic and Coordination Chemistry Research Group. Research in the analysis of the biological activity of metal complexes and organometallic compounds, study of heavy metal detoxification processes, compounds with potential antitumor and antibacterial activity, study of the enzymatic processes for metals in biological media.


Grupo GI-1583 has a vast experience in synthesis and characterization of metallic complexes, research in the design of new synthetic routes for the obtention of functionalized ligands, electrochemical synthesis, carborane chemistry.


Grupo GI-1201. Study of the mechanisms for the enzymatic processes and the interaction of artificial models in biological media. Research in cellular immunology, protein kinases, lipid metabolism, and stress studies on protein expression.